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Texas Holdem Poker

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Phiên bản 4.7.3 3 tuần trước

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Texas Holdem Poker is the world's favorite online poker game. It attracted 20 thousands of fans worldwide. There are small, medium and large tables, depending on your bankroll. It doesn't really matter whether you are a newbie without basic knowledge of rules or a weathered poker-shark, you will find a table suitable for you.

The strongest point of GeaxGame's Poker is its social component. You can chat all game long with your table mates. Since a Facebook account is required, you can challenge your friends or meet new ones. The game is entirely multiplatform, so for example, you can be playing from your android device while your friends are playing from home or from an Iphone.

Game features:

* Live Chat

* Beautiful graphics and luxurious casinos

* Personalized profile and buddy lists

* Simple interface that's easy to navigate

* Free daily bonus

* Plenty of gifts, snacks, and drinks to share with others

* Facebook connect for fast registration (optional)

If you like Poker, you’ll love Texas Holdem Poker . It has everything you need to have a whole of a time betting, raising or bluffing online opponents. Just download the app now for free.

Don't forget to add me as friend, there's much more fun we playing together!</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

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